RE-PLAY Small Bowl - Sunny Yellow

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Re-Play’s small bowls are perfect for small-portioned meals, cereals, salads and desserts at any age. Durable and affordable, Re-Play Bowls are perfect for everyday use as well as outdoor parties, picnics, and barbecues. Mix and match bowls with utensils, plates, and cups to create a vibrant tableware set!

Volume 350ml

Dimensions 13cm x 13cm x 5cm

Made in the USA by a family-owned & operated company

Made from recycled milk jugs 

Easily stack and are virtually indestructible! 

Dishwasher safe

While safe for the Microwave, we do not recommend it due to the possibility of staining and hot spots in the food.

Eliminate the use of single-use plastics - Re-Play products are not only made from recycled material, at the end of use - they can be Recycled again!