RE-PLAY Large Flat Plate - Aqua

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Re-Play tableware products are made in the USA from recycled plastic milk bottles!

Empty milk jugs and other recycling items are taken away from the kerbside recycling, flattened, then sorted and the appropriate plastic milk containers selected.  They are ground into flakes, which are thoroughly cleaned, dried and color sorted. Then the little flakes are melted and made into pellets and shipped to a molder.  The recycled pellets are mixed with a batch of colorant pellets, then magically molded into each Re-Play item.

The flat plate's deep walls are just right for the older child. Not only are they better for your child, but they are also better for your environment! USA FDA-approved recycled plastic. Dishwasher safe. Perfect size for toddlers. 

Dimensions: Approx 23cm x 23cm and 3cm deep.

Easily stack and are virtually indestructible! 

Dishwasher safe

While safe for the Microwave, we do not recommend it due to the possibility of staining and hot spots in the food.

Eliminate the use of single-use plastics - Re-Play products are not only made from recycled material, at the end of use - they can be Recycled again!