MILLIGRAM Non Diary 2019 - A5 Daily / Dot Grid - Adagio


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The Non-Diary from Milligram Studio – the subtle daily diary for people who don't use a diary. 

The A5 Non-Diary offers the flexibility of a notebook with the structure of a daily diary that features subtle dates, plus handy tools like a monthly and annual calendar. 

This Non-Diary is dot grid format.

The Non-Diary is packed with features to help you plan out your day, week and year, including: 
- Monthly calendar view at top center of each daily view page 
- Current day and week number on each daily view page 
- Monthly tab running down the side of the diary to help you quickly find your place 
- Yearly view featuring the current year and the next year's calendar to assist with planning + vertical format of 2019 with space to write in your key dates
- A list of important dates and holidays for Australia and New Zealand 
- A two-page spread of time zones across a world map with coloured dots to highlight major cities and time zones 
- Travel Itinerary 
- Monthly calendar view before the start of each month before the daily view, with generous layout for notes with extra space on the left for weekly planning (week number of the year) 
- Fountain pen-friendly paper 

Our artist collaboration for 2019 is with the vibrant Sydney based artist and designer Evi O

Designed in Melbourne.