KIM WALLACE Desert Bowl - Rose Pink

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Add a pop of colour to your tableware with these gorgeous dessert bowls. Mix and match to your heart’s content or choose your favourite colour to use as an accent to your dinnerware.

Each piece is created using a technique called slipcasting, where liquid clay is poured into a plaster mould, left to set for the desired thickness and the excess slip poured out. The bowls are then hand-brushed in this gorgeous vibrant colour, with a freehand pattern on the inside and outside. No two are exactly the same! The inside of the bowl is finished with a non-toxic, clear gloss glaze, the outside is left unglazed, creating a beautiful subtle contrast and tactile feel.

All KW ceramics are fired to very high temperatures, making them very strong, durable and dishwasher safe. External unglazed surfaces are highly vitrified and water & stain resistant.

Approx. 13cm diameter x 5cm high

Handmade on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.