INGRID BARTKOWIAK Wall Calendar 2021 - Australian Endangered Animals

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A 2021 artist wall calendar featuring paintings of endangered Australian animals.
The calendar is printed on 300gsm recycled paper in Australia. It is 2 x A4 sheets in size sitting portrait, white spiral bound with hanging holes. There are all the main Australian public holidays listed within the wall calendar.

In this calendar, each month features an endangered animal surrounded by the plants that make up its habitat or food source.

The animals included are:

- Gouldian Finch
- Mountain Pygmy Possum
- Orange-bellied Parrot
- The Greater Bilby
- Hawksbill Sea Turtle
- Southern Corroboree Frog
- Regent Honeyeater
- Mala (Rufous-Hare Wallaby)
- Carnaby's Cockatoo
- Southern Bent-Winged Bat
- Northern Quoll
- Tasmanian Devil