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Sunday Pet Jumpers - Sizing Guide

These dimensions are of the garment. All jumpers are made with knit fabrics, so can stretch a little to accommodate for fluffier pups, or for a snug fit. If you are still unsure or need some help, feel free to message Edith on the instagram (@sunday_bne) or via e-mail (hello@nookbrisbane.com). I'd be more than happy to help you find the best fit for your pup.

  Weight Neck Chest Length
XXS up to 4kg 24cm 42cm 25cm
XS up to 6kg 29cm 46cm 30cm
S up to 10kg 33cm 54cm 34cm
M up to 14kg 38cm 58cm 38cm
L up to 20kg 48cm 62cm 41cm


XXS - extra extra small

Bambi, Chihuahua x, 5.5kg


 XS - extra small

Xanthie, Pomeranian, 3kg Kendrick, Toy Poodle (2.5-3.5kg) Gigi, Mini Daschund, 5.5kg


S - small

Pickles, Chihuahua x Pug, 8kg Ghost, Poodle x, 12kg Boo, Chihuahua x Pug, 9.5kg


M - medium

Frankie, Poodle cross Jasper, Cavoodle Freya, Golden Cocker Spaniel, 10kg


L - large

Charlie, Vizsla, 20kg Murphy, Border Collie, (14-20kg)


Visit our gallery or instagram for more fits.