MUNASH ORGANICS Indoor Plant Seaweed Tonic

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Specifically formulated Seaweed & NPK Blend 
Nitrogen 1.3% | Phosphorus 0.7% | Potassium 3.8%

Made from sustainably sourced Australian Bull Kelp, trace elements, minerals and enzymes.

  • Nourishes and feeds indoor plants.

  • Helps indoor plants build added resistance to better handle environmental stress and a change in conditions.

  • Can be used when watering plants, no need to add in an extra step!

  • 200ml amber bottle with a 2ml lotion pump.

  • Apply 2mls (one pump) to 2 litres of water. 

  • Makes 200 litres of solution.

  • Shake well before use / keep out of direct sunlight.

  • Use fortnightly for best results.