BON LUX Scented Votive Candle

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Scented votive candle,  boxed.  


ASLEEP IN CLOUDS - A sunny breeze though fresh linen - Lemon zest, gardenia, jasmine & violet flowers

FLORA - Bring in the sunshine of a winter bulb garden - Daffodil, sweet lily of the valley flowers, fresh cut grass.

POLLEN - A rain shower fresh scent - Eucalyptus, Australian wattle flowers.

BAY RUM + TOBACCO - The scent of an old-fashioned barber's chair; of tonic, cologne and a little smoke - Rolling tobacco leaves, spices, rum and a whisper of smoke.

EPICE DOUX- A winter's afternoon glow - Orange rind, warm chai, spices of clove, cinnamon, and peppercorn. 

BONNE NUIT - Powdery and peppery with a little darkness - Violet petal, pink peppercorns & earthy oakmoss. 

SWEET SMOKE - Aura of blown out birthday candles, campfires and honeycomb - honey, beeswax, woodsmoke and spice. 

GRASS + CLOVER -Fresh and green as a freshly mowed lawn in the sunshine - clover lawn, wisteria flowers, herbal scent of the tomato vine. 


100% cotton wick

100% sustainable soy wax

36 hr burn

85mm x 70mm


Handmade in Melbourne