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Recycle your plastic shipping mailers

Hi, it's Edith, the owner of Nook and I'm excited to share the start of a mission that I am just embarking on. A mission to recycle plastic shipping mailers. The project concept is quite simple:

  1. Drop off your used plastic shipping mailers from your online orders.
  2. We clean up the mailers, remove any personal information, sort them by size, trim off any raggedy bits.
  3. They will be reused as shipping mailers by Nook and also sold to other businesses.

I've put together a few frequently asked questions and answers. If you've got more, you can contact Edith via the contact us form.

What can you recycle?

We are accepting plastic shipping mailers of all sizes, and padded mailers of all sizes.

Mailers must be in reasonable fair condition, as they are going to be reused. Please do not drop off any mailers that are badly torn up (we know how exciting opening parcels is!) and misshaped bags.

Where is the drop off location?


Shop P103, West Village Shopping Precinct
45 Mollison St, West End, QLD 4101

Why are you interested in this project?

I like solving problems. I believe this is a solution, a small and imperfect solution, to a big problem that has a sizeable impact to our environment.

Shipping mailers are traditionally a single use product. I think that this is a good way to increase the value and useful life of shipping mailers, instead of throwing them out or reprocessing them into a recycled material.

Why are you not recycling compostable shipping mailers?

Compostable shipping mailers have a shelf life, and will continue to break down between being the time that they are donated and used. This produces a risk to the next business and customer where an order can be lost or damaged during transportation.

This project focuses on a massive problem of what to do with existing plastic shipping mailers that do not have a recycling program available.

Where will the recycled mailers go?

I will be using them for my business. Once I have acquired enough stock, they will available for purchase. Please get in touch if you are interested in purchasing stock and I can add you to a waiting list.

Currently this project doesn't have a brand, website, or instagram, but you can stay connected via TikTok, @tiktoksbyedith or subscribe to hear receive e-mail update about the project


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